Module 8 Discussions


Please begin with the Explorer task described below.

After you complete the Explorer task, you can level up to Module 8 Investigator.

If you choose to complete the Investigator task, you can level up to Module 8 Discoverer.

Once you've completed the course (at any of the three levels), please provide feedback on your experience here. The first 25 educators who finish the course and complete a short feedback survey will receive a $50 Amazon e-gift card!



Reflect on all you have learned in this course.

Continue to improve and refine your project plan.

Share your final project plan in the discussion forum.


When you are ready, launch your project!

As you implement the project with students, please document the process and share your project with us in the Projects Collection.

Optional: Help students prepare to showcase their projects during the virtual Social Innovation Student Symposium (to be held in December and May).


After completing and sharing your project, take a look at what some of your colleagues have done in their classrooms, and comment on at least 2 other projects.

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