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It is telling you express your ideas because they can become something that is useful for everyone.

Airen Bosher
Apr 22, 2022

It shows how vast ideas are and how much they can matter in a problem that you notice.

cody stevenson
Mar 28, 2022

its crazy to realize that you could be thinking of something great and never express that idea but it could be life changing

Caitlin Singleton
Mar 27, 2022

It's definitely crazy ideas that are shown in this video. You never know that your idea may make a huge difference in the world.

Jacob Miller
Mar 24, 2022

After watching this video it makes you want to go share your crazy ideas and that it could become the next big thing. This is how Facebook or even the internet came about and took over the world.

Stephanie R Juarez
Mar 22, 2022

This movie demonstrates how a single crazy idea can become the greatest innovation or undertaking of all time. It's incredibly inspiring, and it makes you wonder what you could come up with that can help or change the world.

Amarius Barnes
Mar 21, 2022

The video is showing how what can be perceived as "crazy" or "craziest" ideas turn out to be some of the most creative ideas someone can come up with. In life, nothing goes off-limits in terms of creativity, but we need to keep in mind that it is either going to be one of the best things to happen or it simply just won't go anywhere. We can't let fear dictate some of the ideas that we have because they could be some of the best ideas that we have ever had.

Brooklyn Arrowood
Mar 21, 2022

This is a great example that you might have the most craziest idea and you never know it could come out and be a very important item that will make you billions.

Daniella Balducci
Mar 21, 2022

This video tells us that the most random and crazy ideas can turn into the most famous inventions.

Emma Bullin
Mar 20, 2022

This video shows us that although some ideas are "crazy" they are sometimes the best ideas.

Katelyn Barfield
Mar 18, 2022

This video reminds us that no idea is too farfetched and that as long as we hold true to our belief and the change we want to make we can make that change.

Victoria Abernathy
Mar 18, 2022

This video shines a light on some once crazy but currently amazing ideas. It also talks about how these people held on to their vision and took action where action needed to be taken in order to make their "crazy" ideas a reality.

Allison Burrage
Mar 16, 2022

This video really shows that when it comes to changing the world and making a difference it takes a lot for an idea to be crazy. Ideas show someone's creativity, just look at these entrepreneurs. They probably thought at some point their idea was crazy but little did they know it would be great.

Ruth Fallen
Mar 16, 2022

This video here shows how an idea that might have been crazy to some, became something that is constantly being innovated to meet the needs of everyone. This video shows creativity and how these so-called crazy ideas were beneficial to how people function.

Will Little
Mar 16, 2022

This video shows that no idea is crazy. It just shows creativity and how these ideas have turned into amazing, life changing things.

Lawson Eudy
Mar 16, 2022

"Crazy" ideas can sometimes be the best ideas and make a difference in the world.

Allie Perdue
Mar 15, 2022

I think it takes a lot for an idea to be crazy, especially in this context. When it comes to making changes in our world, it requires what we think of as "crazy" ideas initially.

Katelyn Sifford
Mar 14, 2022

I like to live by the idea that crazy is ok. I think if we teach that idea to more students then they will feel more comfortable to take risks.

Christina Cassidy
May 5, 2021

Great messages , as its always important to teach and encourage others. Inspiring people to keep going just as they feel its time to give up.

Landon Orrand
Mar 31, 2021

"Crazy" is subjective. New ideas are not "crazy." Just because something is unheard of doesn't mean it won't be great. We need people to be bold and go against the grain. New perspectives bring the best ideas. If we all believed the same thing, society would never progress.

What we do today carries with us tomorrow. Love it!