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Airen Bosher
Apr 22, 2022

Challenge-based learning is excellent because it pushes the student to do better or find better solutions than they already have.

Emma Bullin
Mar 28, 2022

Challenge-based learning is great for students to think deeper and have an open mind about learning new things and new ways.

Jacob Miller
Mar 28, 2022

Challenge based learning helps students go above and beyond their usual learning standard. Having a challenge put in front of us causes a problem solving reaction. Learning these methods helps every student in and out of school.

Amarius Barnes
Mar 27, 2022

I think that challenge based learning is a wonderful concept because this allows students to critically think and asses things in multiple stages. When students are challenged it leads them to look for the best outcome but it also teaches that good decision making that we all need to aim for.

dymond haith
Mar 23, 2022

challenge-based Learning is great for students it opens the mind to think deeper.

Brooklyn Arrowood
Mar 23, 2022

Based on this video the learners will obtain the base knowledge and grow above that. This will help outside of just their school career and intertwine with the real world.

Daniella Balducci
Mar 23, 2022

Learners have a way of learning now that gives them a basis of knowledge to grow and build up. It also shows them how growing will be like outside of the school environment.

Amy Haynes
Mar 20, 2022

I like indirect learning with giving students the opportunity to use their own way of learning by incorporating the foundation of knowledge, which is like a steppingstone to the necessary life skills.

Allie Perdue
Mar 16, 2022

I think that this is a really neat way to learn and teach. It lets learners move based on a foundation of knowledge that they build upon. I think that it probably also helps build necessary real life skills, as well.

Paula Almond
Mar 30, 2021

Challenge based learning helps learners move from an idea to a concrete action with the help of essential questions, they investigate and build on knowledge which then allows them to provide evidence based solutions.

Emily King
Mar 29, 2021

Challenge based learning is great for incorporating real life problem solving skills.

Some students can connect between content and their own life.