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Jacob Miller
Mar 28, 2022

Computational thinking is when there is a problem and you break it down to the root of it. By breaking down the problem into smaller pieces it is easier to find the root of the problem.

Amarius Barnes
Mar 27, 2022

Computational thinking is taking a problem and breaking it down and finding the root of the problem. I think this allows for students and people in general to go back and see where their mistakes occurred so they know what areas they need to work on more.

dymond haith
Mar 23, 2022

computational thinking is problem-solving and a way you can do this is by breaking apart a problem into smaller pieces because when doing this you want to find the main component.

Victoria Abernathy
Mar 21, 2022

computational thinking is a way of problem solving that matches where a student is currently at in their understanding of a subject. It allows them to correct themselves, as well as better retain information.

breaking down a problem and solving.