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Jacob Miller
Mar 28, 2022

Technology is ever changing, and has been forever. Using technology to find new solutions is a very helpful way for students and teachers to learn.

Amarius Barnes
Mar 27, 2022

One thing we as people need to do is keep up with the ever changing technology of our world. We don't want a world where we have all this technology but we don't have people who know how to use it, technology is realistically a major thing in this world and we need to keep up with it.

dymond haith
Mar 23, 2022

technology is changing so this will make people have a different look on things. This is good because it will create a new way for solutions.

Victoria Abernathy
Mar 21, 2022

Keeping up with changing technology is such an important part of being a successful educator. It is also important for our students personal growth as this change continues in the future.

changes in everyday with computers and learning