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It shows that regardless of your background you can make a difference in the world. Something small can have an big impact on others.

Airen Bosher
Apr 22, 2022

These articles confirm the belief that even the tiniest little pebble can make waves in a pond. Which is how change or movements start.

Caitlin Singleton
Mar 27, 2022

If you have the support, the littlest thing you do for your community can make the biggest impact.

Jacob Miller
Mar 24, 2022

A support group that also is helping the world change alongside you is a great way to make a difference. Power in numbers and being creative are ways to change people's point of view and can lead to a bigger and stronger change.

cody stevenson
Mar 22, 2022

these articles go along the same line as taking your role as a human in society and do all the good things your suposed to do like recycle and use less water, this earth would be in a much better place.

dymond haith
Mar 22, 2022

this shows how when you have a group of people who supports you or believe in what you believe in this can make a huge impact on the world because no one wants to be singled out.

Stephanie R Juarez
Mar 22, 2022

These articles are very motivating and demonstrate how one person or a group of people determined to make a change can make a significant difference.

Amarius Barnes
Mar 21, 2022

I think that these articles show that when people come together a difference can be made and it speaks volumes. We have to understand that one person is powerful alone but there is significant power in numbers. When a group of people comes together as one with a central idea that they share it can cause those shifts towards change depending on the approach. We have to tackle these issues together because we can't do it individually.

Brooklyn Arrowood
Mar 21, 2022

This shows a huge thing not only that they all came together to change the world, but even though you might have different beliefs and have other differences we are all the same and we stand together

Daniella Balducci
Mar 21, 2022

These show that everyone can come together to make a difference in the world no matter what.

Amy Haynes
Mar 20, 2022

These articles show the importance a person can make on this world no matter their culture, race, gender, or identity.

Emma Bullin
Mar 19, 2022

These articles show us how one person can make a difference and impact a community. It doesn't matter your age you can make a difference.

Katelyn Barfield
Mar 18, 2022

I liked how these articles show that all it takes it just one person to make a difference. One person to bring something to light or someone to take action and how that one action can impact a lot of people.

Victoria Abernathy
Mar 18, 2022

These articles showed how one persons voice can truly impact a larger community. One persons actions hold the power to impact the lives of others.

Allison Burrage
Mar 16, 2022

After reading these articles I find it so inspirational that the youths are making a difference. I think this is a great way to show the world that anyone can make a difference in the world.

Ruth Fallen
Mar 16, 2022

According to the articles about youth making a change, it shows there is a new generation that has an exceptional way of actually spreading their message and making a difference.

Will Little
Mar 16, 2022

Advocating for the things that young people believe in is a exceptional way to make a difference and everyone should be encouraged to advocate in a positive way.

Lawson Eudy
Mar 16, 2022

Helping the youth understand how important they are to making a change is huge. It is important to encourage them to want to make a difference in a positive way.

Allie Perdue
Mar 15, 2022

These are some interesting stories about younger people making a difference, and really go to show that they have more of an impact than we often give them credit for, or than they give themselves credit for. Stories like these serve as good reminders to them as to how much of an impact they really can have!

Katelyn Sifford
Mar 14, 2022

Teaching the youth to make a difference is so important as we want them to continue to take care of our world when we are gone. Finding a problem and advocating for a solution is so important whether you are the inventor or not. Students must know that they play a role as the consumer but also that they have the power to make a major difference.

Christina Cassidy
May 5, 2021

Its very important when teaching the youth ,as the youth is truly our future, its important they are guided in the best path, to encourage the youth to get involved and learn just what can benefit them and others.

Kendra Mayes
Apr 3, 2021

I think today's youth can really make a difference in the world. it is important for our youth to have just as much of a voice as adults. Youth can sometimes see things that others can't, and they can also see things from different perspectives which will go a long way.

Landon Orrand
Mar 31, 2021

As youth, we are often told "You're too young to know about that." These articles prove that this statement is incorrect. Young people are the change of the world. It is inspiring to see a fresh perspective in the world and in the classroom. Just because something is different doesn't mean that its wrong!

I think its great for the younger students to make a difference in the world. The articles really had a great impact in a positive way.