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Ashley Tucker
Mar 27, 2023

I think that being able to have this information helps us see that we can all make a difference.

Nate Wooldridge
Mar 24, 2023

I like the spread of positivity this brings

I think that it is good to have this is a good thing to have this type of information out there.

Skylar Price
Mar 22, 2023

I think that it is very important to have access to information like this and be able to learn about things outside of what we can see.

Abby Talley
Mar 20, 2023

It is wonderful that we have access to all of this information and we should take full advantage of that by educating ourselves on what occurs outside of our own daily lives. Hearing these stories inspires me to learn more and consider my own role in leaving a positive impact, which we also want our students to experience!

Alexandra Stancell
Mar 20, 2023

Being able to learn from others may help others understand the content a little bit better then before.

Keeley Darbutt
Mar 20, 2023

These stories are important to see that there are people all over the world making change and we can definitely be doing more to impact society positively.

I think it is important to be able to see a collection of stories like this as it shows everyone that it is possible to create a change around you. I think it is also important to see this as it shows that there is a need for everyone to think and be active in social innovation.

Megan Davis
Mar 19, 2023

It is important to learn about how others are making positive changes so that we can become inspired. We all have the opportunity to create our own solutions that will positively impact society.

Cassie Barnes
Mar 18, 2023

I think having the opportunity to have all these stories at your fingertips provides valuable insight into how small actions can make the biggest impact. It shows that everyone starts somewhere and it's not about how you start but where you are going.

Maddy Howard
Mar 17, 2023

I think this is really interesting as I didn't know about some of these people or groups and the changes they are striving to create in the world. One that really surprised me was the 6th grader who invented a device that can hunt for microplastics in the ocean to reduce ocean pollution/contamination.

Jahmik Bell
Mar 16, 2023

Learning from others brings a great deal of inspiration. It helps to better understand the greatness of change.

Bridget Benitez
Mar 16, 2023

I think learning from others can help you learn new things and ideas. I like the Pinterest collection with all the stories, it was interesting learning about others personal experiences.

I believe learning from others is important because it inspires you and teaching you things that you may not have understood before.

Airen Bosher
Apr 22, 2022

Having a Pinterest board filled with inspiring stories and people making a change in the world is lovely. It lets me still have hope in humanity and allows a quick and easy source to help inspire today's youth.

Seeing other changemakers inspires me to make a change.

Caitlin Singleton
Mar 27, 2022

It is a great way to learn is from other people's ideas or experiences. As a future educator, I am learning my best skills from watching other teachers in their classrooms.

Caitlin Singleton
Mar 27, 2022

It is a great way to learn is from other people's ideas or experiences. As a future educator, I am learning my best skills from watching other teachers in their classrooms.

Kendra N Davis
Mar 26, 2022

I think listening to other people's stories can put a positive outlook on your own story. You can learn from others to see what works best and so on.

Jacob Miller
Mar 24, 2022

Learning from other people and listening to other people's ideas, stories, or experiences is a great way to learn. People who have the same interest as you but has more experience in that field or topic can help another person learn and can keep one from making the same mistakes.

cody stevenson
Mar 22, 2022

it is always good to hear stories that come from other people because you can learn so much from what one person has to say to yo.

cody stevenson
Mar 22, 2022

it is always good to hear stories that come from other people because you can learn so much from what one person has to say to yo.

dymond haith
Mar 22, 2022

I believe that you do learn from others especially when they are around the same age but I think that it is okay to work alone sometimes but when working in a group it does make students want to participate more and be more exciting more about the work.

Brooklyn Arrowood
Mar 21, 2022

I think that it is very important to listen to other's ideas or perspectives on the situation. Not only may they view it another way but they could have a better idea to solve it than your own. This is something that should be taught to students especially to agree to disagree

Amarius Barnes
Mar 21, 2022

I think that people learn from seeing other people doing, which leads to inspiration. When inspired people begin to research and learn about different ways, they could make a difference. I think that it is important to instill these qualities in students in the classroom as well because I feel students do more when inspired, I know I did more when I felt inspired.

Stephanie R Juarez
Mar 21, 2022

I believe it is significant to learn what other people are doing and listen to their different ideas. People can learn so much by hearing others and by being open-minded. Educators should incorporate this in their classrooms since students can learn from one another.

Daniella Balducci
Mar 21, 2022

Hearing ideas and stories from those who are different then you adds to your frame of reference and allows you to gain knowledge to build your skills

Emma Bullin
Mar 19, 2022

It is important to hear ideas and stories from other people because you can learn new things and new ways.

Katelyn Barfield
Mar 18, 2022

I think it is important to offer examples of things that others are doing in the world to help make it a better place in order to get students interested. If we show them what others are doing it may offer an encouragement to get students involved and wanting to do the same.

Victoria Abernathy
Mar 18, 2022

The collection of stories here help to promote a deeper thinking about how community, and diversity make huge impacts on students around the world. There is a multitude of resources here that can be relayed in our own classrooms/communities as well.

Allison Burrage
Mar 16, 2022

Hearing others' stories and experiences can encourage other people. These stories are truly inspiring and can inspire many other people. All these different stories on here can provide insight between solutionaires and changemakers.

Amy Haynes
Mar 16, 2022

Different learning environments, objectives, and experiences shared within these stories allow others to grasp a multitude of insight between solutionaires and changemakers.

Ruth Fallen
Mar 16, 2022

Reading allows a key into the path of learning. Reading about others' stories allows for you to see what they did and how it can inspire you to change something or help out a community.

Will Little
Mar 16, 2022

The multitude of stories told here can provide insight to different objectives and learning experiences.

Lawson Eudy
Mar 16, 2022

Hearing stories from others might help someone come up with new ideas or ways to view things differently.

Allie Perdue
Mar 15, 2022

There are so many interesting and inspiring stories collected here! All of them could teach us something different, too.

Amy Haynes
Mar 15, 2022

Reading about other peoples stories helps people to understand the vastness of lifestyles, inspirations, and cultures.

Katelyn Sifford
Mar 14, 2022

Reading is the gateway to learning. Simply reading about these people helps inspire you to want to make change. Inspire the impact that young minds can make by giving them fuel to make those impacts.

Christina Cassidy
May 5, 2021

Great stories that are being shared, this allows for many to connect and understand lifestyles of others. As our community is always changing.

Kendra Mayes
Apr 3, 2021

These are some amazing stories that would be great to share with my students. I feel that getting input from others can go a long way.

Landon Orrand
Mar 31, 2021

There are inequities across the globe, and we are the change. Young or old, man or women, we all have the power to make a difference. The key is to try and learn!

We can learn so much from others and I want to incorporate this into my class. I want my students to be able to learn from each other.

Matthew Coble
Mar 29, 2021

There are so many positives from learning after one another.

Alyson Hilburn
Mar 28, 2021

After reading these inspiring stories, I plan to bring these and others into my own classroom one day in the future to inspire my students.

We can learn from others.

Paula Almond
Mar 26, 2021

These stories are so inspiring. Sharing these with my students to see what inspires them!

Emily King
Mar 25, 2021

we can learn culture differences through social innovations.

Mar 25, 2021

I love these stories. As someone who is currently working towards their education degree, I aspire to bring social innovation into my classroom.

Amy Haynes
Mar 20, 2022

I'm so glad you said that about social innovation! Can't wait to see what you can do!

Paula Almond
Mar 26, 2021

Cortney, from someone in the classroom, if these are inspiring now, just wait to you are in the classroom! You will want to challenge them and see what innovation they dream.