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Thomas Powers
May 27, 2021

Nice introductory video to lead to discussion on how we can be intentional about improving those systems built into and by societies.

Kendra Mayes
Apr 3, 2021

Social innovation is what happens when a group of people work towards a goal to make life easier. This can make everyday tasks easier to manage and handle. In order to see real results with innovation everyone must put in the necessary work to see a change.

Christina Cassidy
Apr 2, 2021

people working together to come up with solutions to problems.

Taylor Carroll
Mar 29, 2021

Social innovation is your outlook on the different groups of people that are found in social groups around you.

Matthew Coble
Mar 29, 2021

Our systems have helped us move forward but has left some people behind. We could do more to help others become equal and become independent.

Kendall Mauldin
Mar 29, 2021

From watching this video, it seems to be clear that social innovation is the act of trying to solve problems created by other systems of life in order to help the world and the creatures on it to survive and thrive in the future.

This video talked about how we live in systems and that some of these systems have been left out or seriously damaged and they require novel system solution. This video said that social innovation is the result of people to make positive changes to out system. After looking at this video I learned that if we make positive changes to our system it can reduce the vulnerability of the people and the environment that is in that system. A positive social innovation in a system will help the system grow more resilient.

Alyson Hilburn
Mar 28, 2021

The video states that; "Social innovation is the result of the intentional work of people trying to make positive change by addressing these complex problems at the roots.". It enforces changes, which can be helpful at times and troubling, or challenging at others.

I think that social innovation is good, it allows people to come together as a group to support change. Without this, we would have so many more problems.

Dazie Costantino
Mar 27, 2021

I feel that social innovation is important because it shows that we are always growing and changing. Social innovation shows that we are always trying to reinvent ourselves and do what is best for ourselves.

Jason Ritter
Mar 26, 2021

Social Innovation, is a concept that gives everyone an equal opportunity to succeed. As a global society, we will not be successful, if we don't incorporate programs to give everyone opportunity. Change is needed in all aspects of our global systems.

Mar 25, 2021

I believe that social innovation is very important for society but it can also be very challenging for others. Many people want to see change but others are in their comfort zone and are fine with what they have. As the video mentions, social innovation needs to be at all levels. I believe that social innovation can come to all but not at the same time it will take more time to get to different groups.

Landon Orrand
Mar 25, 2021

Growth is necessary for our society's improvement. However, we must be mindful in the problems that come with growth. Some things that we do for growth are more of a "one step forward, two steps back" deal. Social innovation is needed for the betterment and true innovation of our Earth and society as a whole.

Emily Jackson
Mar 25, 2021

Things made to organize humanity has its benefits but effects things negatively as well.

Emily King
Mar 25, 2021

social innovation is the way the world works and the systems that run the world we know today. It is the result of theintentional work of people making positive change happen.

Kathryn Guyette
Mar 25, 2021

Social Innovation is the idea that purposeful teamwork can make positive changes within society to make it a more suitable place.

Mar 24, 2021

Social innovation is people trying to make a positive change by addressing complex problems. An example is Universal Health Care. This is a great idea but can be difficult to implement because some people are closed-minded on these topics and aren't willing to help others when it comes to their money.

Mar 24, 2021

As the video stated, social innovation is intentional work to make a positive change. We would all agree that positive change is a good thing, yet we do not all agree on how this looks; this is where the difficulty lies. As educators, I feel we need to stress the importance of social innovation so our future generations can live in a system without discrimination, without environmental damage, and so on.

Miranda Ferdna
Mar 24, 2021

Social innovation is a individual or individuals that make a positive change in the world. Teachers bring a positive change into the classroom to help better students and make them succeed in life. They make a impact on how the students see the positives in someone.

Paula Almond
Mar 23, 2021

Social Innovation are new social practices that attempt to meet social needs in a better way. Using ideas to create goals of extending and strengthening civil society.

Landon Orrand
Mar 25, 2021

I agree! We need to be mindful of the ways we are meeting social needs in order to truly grow

Para mi la Innovación Social es la capacidad de todos los seres humanos de cuidar , respetar y mantener un medio ambiente sano(libre de violencia, respeto a la naturaleza, )con la capacidad de transformar nuestro entorno con la decisión y el compromiso de ser mejor colaborando con nuestra comunidad, nuestra ciudad , nuestro país y el mundo.

Dirk Visscher
Jan 19, 2021

Social innovation is something that is needed throughout the world to make the earth a habitable place for all organisms. However, it will only reach its goals, that of a general fairness where everyone is granted a corner, if all aspects collaborate together. For instance, if we only focus on poverty ensuring that the global product is raised we will probably be making incredible mistakes environmentally. Only through educating our youth, getting it in their DNA, will we be able to let the sun shine again.

Jan 17, 2021

this is the attitude we should raise our children in that they see ways on making the society better for all , when such a mindset is inculcated at the very early stages then this becomes the lifestyle , we have a task as educators to see this happening .

Silvana Carnicero
Jan 16, 2021

Social innovation has to do with making a better world for everyone to live in. It means trying not to leave anyone behind. Both the people and the environment should be protected. As teachers, we have the obligation to work on social innovation on a daily basis to foster responsible students no matter the subject we teach.

Social innovation is formed by the thoughts and actions to reduce social gaps in different areas of society.

Christine Vanderwal
Dec 19, 2019

I appreciated that this video incorporated the environment when looking at impact. My students came to a consensus earlier this year that the earth should also be viewed as a "missing voice" in societal and governmental decisions.

Mitzi Moore
Oct 3, 2019

Our school does a lot of projects about social innovation. Some people accuse us of trying to push a liberal agenda. If "liberal" means making society better, maybe we are guilty.

Lisa Bunag
Oct 3, 2019

Our school was recently accused of this as well, and we don't even talk about social innovation. I think they were mad about some SEL activities.

Carolyn Brown
Sep 26, 2019

I found it interesting that this video was specifically about Canada. I wonder what innovations in other countries the creators of the video would consider "social innovations."

Lisa Bunag
Oct 3, 2019

I thought the same thing.

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