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Jordan Byrd
Mar 24, 2023

The students have to be engaged and learning along with the teacher, to help improve the learning environment.

Skylar Price
Mar 22, 2023

Students need to be apart of their learning, they need to have a voice in how they learn in order to be truly engaged.

Mar 20, 2023

Teachers need to see that students need to be engaged in order to succeed and learn. This involves letting them make their own decisions when it comes to their learning.

Morgan Shrader
Mar 20, 2023

I agree that students need to be a part of their learning. However, with the standards that teachers are required to teach do not allow much room for students to learn proper skills that will benefit them for their future career.

Keeley Darbutt
Mar 20, 2023

Students need to be able to express how they want to learn. They need to have collaboration and a voice for their learning.

Alexandra Stancell
Mar 20, 2023

Students should be able to learn in different ways and in their own ways. To help them understand what they are learning better. Teachers should adapted to the students needs if needed for them the focus and engage more in the classroom.

Abby Talley
Mar 20, 2023

Student's should be able to sense the importance of learning and apply learning within their lives outside of school. This means that content should be relevant to the student's lives and experiences.

I think that the way things have changed is good because teachers have adapted to what the children are needed to learn.

Ashley Tucker
Mar 19, 2023

Students want to have a say in their learning. Learning has changed! Educators have to develop a new approach. We need small groups, individual groups, and collaboration with peers. Get students involved and promote deeper learning. The classroom is no longer traditional learning.

Megan Davis
Mar 19, 2023

This video shows that students in the 21st century like to be involved in their learning and that they really want to know why they have to learn the things required in school. Giving students a voice and a choice in their learning is a great way to keep them engaged.

The way students learn is very important the students should be able to put in input to allow the teacher to understand how they should teach. They want to be involved, hands on and want their questions answered.

Elizabeth Jones
Mar 19, 2023

Students need to be engaged in their learning. They want to be a part of their learning and have voice and choice, and the way teachers teach needs to change.

Amanda Finch
Mar 19, 2023

Students need to be engaged in order to learn. Student choice and voice is a great way to get the students engaged in class. The 4 C's are critical to the students success.

Jessie Talent
Mar 18, 2023

Students are the ones earning the reward of an education and they should have the ability to voice their concerns and wishes. When you make a child feel involved and heard they are much more likely to connect.

Maddy Howard
Mar 16, 2023

- "Their expectations for being involved in learning are much higher."
- Learning and Innovation Skills - 4Cs (Critical thinking, Communication, Collaboration, & Creativity)
- "What their goal for the day is."
- "responsibility"

Jahmik Bell
Mar 15, 2023

When it comes to learning I believe that students should have a voice on what they learn and what topics they want to learn. Students being able to have a say in what they learn will bring a higher grade for all students.

Bridget Benitez
Mar 15, 2023

I agree that content is important but the way students learn is far more important. Students want their own choice and voice in their learning. In the 21st century a lot has changed such as skills, technology, expectations, etc. The 4 C's are critical thinking, collaboration, communication, and creativity.

Cassie Barnes
Mar 15, 2023

Students really do want to succeed, and I think this is something veteran teachers or teachers in general fail to see. They do not want to give up but the way in which you engage with them and question their understanding really does impact their attitude towards learning and failing to succeed in new material..

Taylor K Bearden
Mar 13, 2023

Students should be able to have their opinions heard and the ability to speak out on things safely.

The video talks about students being involved in their learning process. Students need to be able to understand what they are learning rather than being able to give the answer and moving forward.

Airen Bosher
Apr 22, 2022

I like how this allows for technology to be used safely, enabling kids to have control over what and how they learn with a voice. She also shines a light on how the world is changing with technology which makes sense that learning will.

The four C's are the main highlight of this video.

Raegan Thomas
Mar 27, 2022

I really like how in this video she said that teachers have recognized that the content they are teaching is important. I also liked how she said students want to be apart if their own learning and that they want to have a choice and that they have a voice.

Caitlin Singleton
Mar 26, 2022

I really enjoyed this video! The 4 C's are very effective. She mentions that how learning has changed but also how the world is changing because of it.

Jacob Miller
Mar 24, 2022

I really liked this video and how she talked about how learning has changed today because the world has changed. Though she only had 4 c's they are still very effective.

dymond haith
Mar 22, 2022

learning in the 21 st century I like how she talked about how the students need to have the skills in order to apply the knowledge. I really liked the four Cs and they are critical thinking, collaboration, communication, and creativity because in teaching I feel that this is something you have to apply in each lesson no matter what.

Amarius Barnes
Mar 21, 2022

I think that 21st Century Learning was an amazing video. One statement that I agree with in this is "Learning has changed in the 21st century because our world has changed." The reason that I agree with this point is that it shows how the world is always changing but oftentimes some methods never do which is not a good thing. We need to learn how to change with the world to better benefit the people in it. I see how the 4 C's have also come back in this video; I think that this is important to understand because we need to have all of these in a classroom. Students have goals, lessons, and skills that they are working on everyday which is another component that stood out to me.

Daniella Balducci
Mar 21, 2022

All students are going to take in information differently. They have to be taught as a whole but also need to be catered to their individual learning styles.

Stephanie R Juarez
Mar 21, 2022

Overall, the video discussed how education has transformed throughout time. The tools we use today are more advanced, and digital technology is recognized as normal, than when it was nonexistent back in the day.

cody stevenson
Mar 21, 2022

the teachers should know that each student will understnd information differently. some students do better with visuals and others learn better with verbal actions and demonstrations. you have to be flexible with your students.

Mar 18, 2022

Students are differently and should be treated as individuals in the classroom.

Katelyn Barfield
Mar 18, 2022

This video mentions how education has changed because of how advanced our world has become and how much the world has changed and advanced throughout the years. I think this is so true. The tools we use in our classroom have become more digital. We see so much technology in classrooms today whereas these technologies weren't always available in classrooms in the past.

Emma Bullin
Mar 18, 2022

As a teacher, you should find the best way to work with each student because each student will learn differently.

Victoria Abernathy
Mar 17, 2022

This video truly shined a light on a new type of learning. It spoke about how teachers need to adapt to a new world, and way of living. The way students need to be taught now is much much different from when some of us were younger. This video also gives examples of how this new type of teaching should be approached.

Amber Maxwell
Mar 17, 2022

It is important to know that you should find a way to work with all students as a teacher. It is important to know as a teacher that all students will learn in different ways.

Brooklyn Arrowood
Mar 16, 2022

When working with different students and teachers it is important to find a way to work with all and sometimes change your strategy for the student to grasp the information in a different way.

Allison Burrage
Mar 15, 2022

Being open-minded is very important for students and educators. Critical thinking, collaboration, communication, and creativity are crucial when it comes to equation. Students should have a voice over their learning.

Will Little
Mar 15, 2022

Students should be allowed to discuss their thoughts for others to be able to gain from others thoughts. Being open minded is essential for students to increase their knowledge.

Allie Perdue
Mar 15, 2022

The importance of students having a say in the classroom is definitely big. When they have more of a choice in the classroom, their engagement is better because they know that they helped to make the decisions.

Lawson Eudy
Mar 15, 2022

Getting the students engaged with the learning can help the student understand the subject better.

Ruth Fallen
Mar 15, 2022

After viewing this video, I see how content and procedures are important, but if the students are not engaged then the lesson is not beneficial. If the students are engaged with the lesson they are more likely to understand the content and the 6 C's as the heart of this design establishes what students really need.

Katelyn Sifford
Mar 14, 2022

Students aren't learning if they aren't engaged. Differentiation is key meaning you as the teacher must adapt to the new ways of doing things. to keep students' interest, you may need to use new technology that you have never experienced before to help them get something out of the lesson. The 4 C's as the heart of the framework really establishes what students need to succeed.

Taylor Carroll
Mar 29, 2021

Students should be able to use their voices and have a choice over their own learning.

Matthew Coble
Mar 29, 2021

The main point here is that students need to understand what the content means. Just giving the students facts and moving on is not a way to teach.

Kendall Mauldin
Mar 29, 2021

The main takeaway I get is that teachers are trying a new approach to teaching where they allow students to find their own voice and this encourages students to be more engaged with the content.

This video said that teachers need to understand and realize that the content is important but the way that student learn that content and are engaged with it is also important. Students should be able to be involved in their learning as much as possible

Alyson Hilburn
Mar 28, 2021

Teachers have begun to understand the need to let students have their own voice and input in what they are learning.

Our students should have a voice and a choice this helps the student achieve their own goals. The world has change and we need to focus on the new way of learning. We need to past along the four C's to our students and always learn and try new things.

Landon Orrand
Mar 26, 2021

I love that they value "voice and choice." One of my professors stresses that children are complete human beings. We often see them as an incomplete person or half of a human. They are full humans who are growing and evolving every day. We have to give them a voice and choice in what they are doing.

Jason Ritter
Mar 26, 2021

Students want to have a choice and a voice in their learning. The student today has more expectations in their learning than students in the past. Students today want to know way they are learning what they are being taugt.

Mar 25, 2021

I do agree that students today in the 21st century are different. As the years pass there is much new content to learn because new innovations are coming up. Therefore students are more curious about the things that are happening around them. Many others also question whether or not the content is important for the future.

Emily King
Mar 25, 2021

social innovation support 21st century skills development through the 4C's. Critical thinking, collaboration, communication, and creativity.

Kathryn Guyette
Mar 25, 2021

I love that students have "voice and choice" over their own learning. Students who are apart of their learning journey are more engaged rather than getting told what and how they are learning content.

Mar 24, 2021

I love how education is shifting towards giving students more ownership over their own learning instead of being a passive learner. In the 21st century, students want to communicate and collaborate with one another and learn through engagement.

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