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It is important to have these qualities because they are critical to life and interactions that people will have. This list has change to become more modern with the times, people and technology.

Airen Bosher
Apr 22, 2022

I like how the skills changed in importance over time. It shows what society values the most. I find it interesting that creativity is third on the list but yet it is the least taught skill in school.

The list of skills on the left is very important to have. Complex problem solving is a good skill to have because it helps people figure things out on their own.

Caitlin Singleton
Mar 26, 2022

The list is not too different but it changed to adapt to the new society. I think critical-thinking skills are very important because students need to learn to solve problems.

Jacob Miller
Mar 24, 2022

This list of skills in 2020 and 2015 are no so different. The list has just changed the order to adapt to the new society. How the world was in 2015 and how it is now is completley different, as well as the skills needed to succeed.

dymond haith
Mar 22, 2022

I like how creativity moved up I think this is a great skill when becoming a teacher because you have to think of new way and fun activities .

Amarius Barnes
Mar 21, 2022

I think that the top 10 skills of 2020 are completely accurate, in 2020 we faced a major curveball that no one was prepared for which left with a complex problem, we went a whole one to two years before we could find out not a complete solution to the issue but a slight solution to the issue. We had to figure out what would be most effective to getting back to our regular normal, I think that is why it falls as number one. I think everything else on the list is accurate as well.

Daniella Balducci
Mar 21, 2022

This day and age people need to find new ways to do things. With technology being a big factor in clasrooms, teachers need to be creative when using it in lessons.

Stephanie R Juarez
Mar 21, 2022

I am not surprised to see complex problem-solving at the top of the chart since it is significant for everyday life. However, I am happy to see that creativity has moved up. I believe creativity has been underrated for a long time and people need to realize that creativity can lead to solving issues.

cody stevenson
Mar 21, 2022

im happy to see that creativity went from 10 to 3 because there is not much more important to a kid that a kids creativity. without that, school, fun activities, even sports wouldnt be as fun without creativity.

Mar 18, 2022

The only thing I wish was higher on the list was emotional intelligence and cognitive flexibility.

Katelyn Barfield
Mar 18, 2022

I agree that problem solving should be number one on this list and I am glad that creativity has moved up since 2015. Creativity is a key component in learning. I think we need to allow students to learn in their own ways and to be creative in their learning.

Emma Bullin
Mar 18, 2022

I was glad to see creativity has moved up. This shows that societies ways of thinking are changing.

Victoria Abernathy
Mar 17, 2022

I love that Creativity shot up from being last in 2015 to one of the top three in 2020. This goes to show a changing society, and a new way of thinking.

Amber Maxwell
Mar 17, 2022

I am surprised that judgement and decision-making skills were number 7. I feel as if this would be a top because it something that would be used in everyday life.

Brooklyn Arrowood
Mar 16, 2022

I think that complex problem-solving and critical thinking are very important ones that should be at the top because they are going on all the time in everyday life.

Allison Burrage
Mar 15, 2022

I'm glad to see creativity moved up from number 10 to number 3. I am personally a very creative person but throughout school, I never got to show it because I had to follow the directions from the teacher. I don't see problem-solving leaving the top because it is a very important skill that we need for everyday life.

Will Little
Mar 15, 2022

Problem solving can be important for creative spark in many people and has provided a positive impact.

Allie Perdue
Mar 15, 2022

I don't think problem solving will be leaving the top, but I was intrigued to see that creativity was so high. It is definitely a positive change since years ago, but it surprised me.

Lawson Eudy
Mar 15, 2022

As we continue to grow this list will continue to change. People will see which skills are the most important at the time but having most of these skill can benefit anyone. Problem solving will be at the top of the list for awhile.

Ruth Fallen
Mar 15, 2022

The difference in 2020 is very important as we see how critical thinking and creativity are in the top three compared to 2015. I think it is a positive change to see as a benefit for the overall setting of education rather than having a negative impact.

Katelyn Sifford
Mar 14, 2022

These changes are very important as we see a lot more leadership-centered skills in 2020. I think this comes from experiences with failed management where we want to teach the future how to be emotionally aware leaders instead of cold leaders who do not lead well. Making judgments based on the interpretations of others can make or break the success of the decision being made.

Christina Cassidy
May 5, 2021

The change of skills throughout time is very important considering what new issues we are facing in our society today, and these skills should continue to be updated to make sure they can help prepare students and inform students to what and why these skills are important.

Miranda Ferdna
Apr 5, 2021

I feel that the top 10 skills in 2020 has evolved into being more about the students and how they feel. It is more about understanding the students and teaching them the way to help them in the long run.

Taylor Carroll
Mar 29, 2021

As a commented on the previous interaction, problem solving is and continues to be the most important skill.

Matthew Coble
Mar 29, 2021

Seeing the shift in skills and what is prioritized by workplaces have changed not over a long time but just over five years.

After looking at this article I think that the way the skills have switched is a good thing. I think that this is good because I feel like critical thinking is a more important skill than being able to coordinate with others.

Kendall Mauldin
Mar 29, 2021

I think that it is reasonable that these skills have switched the way they have. The world is going to need creativity and problem solving to help them come up with solutions to the problems we face.

Alyson Hilburn
Mar 28, 2021

After reviewing this chart, I can understand that problem-solving continues to remain a top-rated skill and quality to have. This shows how important of a skill this is to be taught to students.

Always the problem solving and critical thinking is at the top. I wasn't expecting decision making to be so low. If we are working with the student in problem solving this should help them make their own decisions.

Landon Orrand
Mar 26, 2021

I'm glad to see that creativity is higher now! That is something that I really value in people, and I think everyone should!

Jason Ritter
Mar 26, 2021

I think problem-solving will always be number one, critical thinking is an important trait to be able to solve problems. I am not surprised that people management is lower on the list, because I think in today's society people work remotely and more independently than in the past.

Kathryn Guyette
Mar 25, 2021

In the 21st century, the more important skills seem to be those of communication and teamwork. These skills are essential to succeed within society.

Mar 24, 2021

Here again, we get the emphasis on collaboration, creativity, and critical thinking. If we incorporate these elements in our classroom, students will gradually gain these skills; thus, they will be better prepared for the workforce.

I find this comparison fascinating- and wonder if certain terms appear or become more prioritized based on reactionary perspectives to current employees, or if a difference in HR is fueling the changes in two charts. Regardless, I would agree with "complex problem solving" being the first priority.

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